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We can create websites large and small though the majority of our customers are small to medium sized businesses seeking to establish a straightforward web presence

Consequently most of the websites that we produce are what are known as brochure-ware sites, like this one. Such sites:

  • give you a simple, affordable presence on the internet so that customers old and new can find your business and details of your goods and services when it suits them, 24/7

  • help you to keep up with your competitors who already have their website up and running

  • provide a powerful and engaging first point of contact for your customers

  • are quick and easy for your customer's to access and navigate

  • provide you with a professional looking email address

  • can help you to promote seasonal and special offers

  • can help you gather information about your customers, for example by inviting them to join your mailing list

  • give confidence to your potential new customers when they are checking you out on the internet!

If you're ready to get the ball rolling, or if you simply want to discuss and explore the possibility of getting yourself equipped with your own website the do please contact us. We are very friendly and approachable and can steer clear of the techy talk if that is not your thing!

Please browse around our site to see some examples of our work and to get an idea of our fees for getting your website up a running.

Customers now expect it and think less of businesses that donít have one!
Any business is now expected to have a website! If you don't, potential customers will certainly wonder why - Is your business old-fashioned? Is it a fly-by-night operation? Does it even still exist? Is it just a tiny operation? Can't you afford a website?

"Over half of UK consumers (53%) would walk away from any business that does not have a website, according to research commissioned by 1&1 Internet, one of Europe's largest web hosting and domain name registration companies.

The survey also found that one in five small businesses still do not recognise the importance consumers place upon a web presence.Ē  -
The Birmingham Post

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

1. Your business is always open
Unlike your company's office that may be open from 9 to -5 your company 's website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Potential customers can visit you anytime that suits them. Without a website you will be losing business to your competitors.

2. Your website is your online shop-window that can be updated quickly and easily
A website is quicker, easier, and cheaper to update than printed material. Its' capacities are almost limitless which allows you to provide your visitors with more comprehensive information. This can save you money on printing and distribution costs as well as your printed materials can be made available for your clients to download from your website.

3. Reach new markets with a global audience
On the Internet, you aren't that local little business anymore. You have the potential to be seen by millions across the globe. Did you ever think your company would have the possibility of doing business around the world? Well, now you can. Without a doubt, the Internet is the most cost effective way to trade nationally and internationally. New customers can find you whether they are just down the road or on the other side of the world!

4. Improved customer service
Your website can provide you customers with information they want whenever they want it without having to wait until you are open for business. They will greatly appreciate this and this will enable you to get extra business that would otherwise have gone elsewhere.

5. Present a professional image
For a small business, a well-designed web site is a great way of instilling confidence in your potential new customers. They will expect you to have a website, it is seen as a courtesy to your potential customers to enable them to find out about you when it is convenient to them. Without a website you will lose business to your competitors.

6. Market special offers and promotions
Your website is a highly effective and affordable marketing tool. Keep your customers coming back by offering "web specials" offers and discounts that are only available to your website visitors.

7. Answer frequently asked questions
There are questions that customers and potential customers want to know the answer to before they deal with you, for example, your opening hours, your location, the services you offer.  Post them onto your website and you will have removed another barrier to their doing business with you and it might free up some time if you are not answering phone calls.

8. Gather information and generate valuable leads
You can gather information about your customers and potential customers by using forms and surveys. Rather than going out and getting leads, let them come to you. This is a great tool for prospecting targeted customers looking to use your products and services.

9. Give your customers instant gratification
These days if people have it in mind to do something they want to be able to do it straight away. So give your customers what they want when they want it. If your product is suitable, offer them free samples or trials to download - this includes pictures, brochures, software, videos, music and more.

10. Great recruiting tool
Whether you are looking for talent or posting job opportunities with your company, your website is a great recruiting tool for building your business.

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